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My name is Tony and I'm currently 24 years old living in the heart of Florida... Orlando. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with my life just yet but I hope to figure that out soon. Whatever I end up doing will probably be computer related because I'm quite proficient with computers. I enjoy programming in different languages like C#, JavaScript, Java and HTML but can also manage to work with PHP, Python and C. I still have a lot to learn to be professional with any of these languages but I'm working on it. I've been managing and designing websites since 2008 and quite honestly, lately it has been more of a drag than anything with all the security vulnerabilities and hacks out there making it a lot of work to stay vigilant making sure sites stay secure and up to date. I now try sticking to static web pages with simple html, css and JavaScript when dynamic content is required. I really like Unity3D and want to really like Visual Studio Community when it's not doing weird things. My favorite programs that I use on a daily basis are Chrome for all browsing of the internet, Notepad++ for anything document related (Including this site), 1Password to manage all of my passwords for all of my accounts (It's really amazing and worth the price) and the last program that I use daily is Skype and I can't really say that I love it.. I wish there was an alternative to it that was really good and everyone would move over to, but for now I'm stuck with it. Some other programs I love that I'd also like to mention here are Photoshop CS6, VLC Player (Music and movies), Blender, Snipping Tool and Steam for all my games. There are quite a few games that I really like playing. Some of my favorite games are Minecraft (Heavily modded), Pokemon, Left 4 Dead 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Portal and Portal 2, Audiosurf, The Deponia Series, Little Inferno, Bioshock Infinite, The Binding of Isaac, Grim Fandango, Limbo, The Stanley Parable and The Saints Row series to name a few.. With Minecraft I actually like making my own mods for it which I'll add below. I'm not really sure what else I should say here so I'll throw in a few other things about me. I still like cartoons much more than anything with live actors in it. I like anime just as much, if not more than cartoons. If you're interested in the anime I like check my links below for My Anime List.


< Web Design > My first portfolio piece is actually this very website. I wrote this entire site from scratch without any boilerplate code, libraries or is bootstrapped. It's design goal was to be simple, small footprint, clean and fast. It's design is an extension of me because it's kinda modeled off a program I use all the time to keep myself organized and to write this very website. If you haven't guessed it's Notepad++ with the ruby blue syntax highlighter style. I run and manage for a non-profit organization. I own (8,139 followers) I also own (38 followers) and both and are powered by Tumblr. I've also gave a tiny bit of assistance in the creation of these: < 3D modeling > I have a little bit of experience with the 3D modeling software Blender and would like to get get much better with it. I've made a few things so far like a couch, a NES Game controller, my own house, a corner cabinet and a few other things. I will try to add photos later on. < Graphic Design > I'm a professional with Photoshop and have done quite a bit. I have created logos for many companies and brands, designed illustrations and banners, created artwork for print and game art for games as well as restored photos over 40 years old making them look almost like new. < Programming > In the world of programming I have touched many different languages but I'm not yet professional with any languages other than HTML and CSS. I'm at an semi-intermediate level with C#, JavaScript and Java but can work with PHP, Python. I have made Windows applications with .NET, made personal scripts in python and websites with php (one with the codeigniter framework). I've made many Unity games with C# and had a bit of experience with minecraft modding in Java..


What does "zfb" mean?

According to, zfb is an abbreviation meaning "your signals are fading badly" in shortwave radio communication. I use it as a kind of joke because I don't feel 100% here so I'm fading. It came about when I wanted a shorter username and went through the dictionary backwards looking for a simple word that wasn't taken. I found "zfb" and it was available so now I use it as a username when I can.

What happened to

My old website is no longer. Stuff happening in my personal life has caused the last name "Bilby" to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Because of that I'm trying to remove my last name from as many services as I possibly can. I have now come to regret using a [first][last] username convention.

What do you look like?

Well.. I'm about 6'1" or 1.85m for those who prefer the metric system. My 2 most noticable features about me are my translucent skin (pale) and my natural red hair which I find a lot of people being jealous of for reasons that don't make sense to me because it's caused me nothing but headaches my whole life.

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